​   Furry Friends of the Foothills

501(c)3 Non profit Organization

Become a Furry Foster or a Furry Sponsor


Even if you are not in a position to adopt from Furry Friends of the Foothills, you can still make a difference to the homeless animals in our care through the Furry Friends of the Foothills Sponsor program, you can help support one or more of our dogs or cats for a period of time, and help us defray the costs of sheltering, feeding and providing medical care for that animal.

When an animal arrives at Furry Friends of the Foothills, we insure a veterinarian performs routine medical exams, administers vaccinations, and treats any illness or injury the animal may have. Before a cat or dog is adopted it is spayed or neutered. We also provide each animal with a blanket and toys. This high standard of care — including staffing, food, grooming, and other needs — is not recovered in our adoption fee.  So we can use your help!

Through Furry Friends of the Foothills Sponsor program, you may choose a specific dog or cat at Furry Friends of the Foothills to sponsor for either six months or one year.  As a sponsor, you will receive a color photograph of your sponsored pet and have a card posted by the animal’s cage for the duration of the sponsorship.  You will be given periodic updates on the animal’s status.  Should the animal be adopted before the sponsorship ends, you will be notified, and will be able to choose a new pet.

Simply send us your information through the form below and tell us if you want to foster or sponsor a Furry Friend Today!!