Things you may be able to give:

  • Bedding; towels, sheets, blankets, a cat or dog bed, carpet squares
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Cat and dog food, cat litter, toys, collars, leashes
  • Scratching posts, metal bowls, dog crates, grooming supplies
  • Doghouses: If you have an old doghouse that isn’t being used, you can clean it up and pass it along for a Furry Friends dog
  • Office supplies, computers, office furniture, or equipment. The next time your office is upgrading equipment ask about donating it to the Furry Friends of the Foothills
  • Coupons: To use for free or discount coupons for animal food or cat litter
  • Medical supplies: There are some medical supplies we need desperately. E-collars, prescription cards
  • Humane traps
  • Prizes for fundraising auctions or raffles

Things you may want to do:

  • Become a foster home. Open your home to an animal that needs a place to live and learn until he/she can find a home
  • Set up a donation coin can or food program. Create donation cans and place them in area businesses OR pet food donation collection bins at local super markets
  • Fix an animal. Help a friend or acquaintance fix their pet.
  • Provide care for boarding animals. Volunteer to clean cages, feed, groom, or walk the animals in boarding, if allowed by management

Donate your special skills and talents:

  • Desktop publishing skills: Create a brochure, newsletters, or posters
  • Sewing, knitting, or crocheting talent: Offer to make pet beds, bandanas, catnip mice, be creative!
  • Building/Construction skills: Build dog houses or feral cat shelters and feeding stations
  • Writing talent: Offer to write for the newsletter or an article for the local paper
  • Organizational skills: Help out with administrative tasks or event planning

Promote animal adoptions:

  • Create adoption posters and hang them around the community
  • Tell your friends and neighbors. Don’t underestimate the value of word of mouth. Tell others what you are doing and why. Invite them to help out too

Larger projects you could help to organize:

  • Plan a fundraising event. This could be as simple as holding a yard sale and donating the proceeds to a shelter, or as involved as planning a benefit auction or walk-a-thon. We have helpful information on planning some types of events
  • Start a local organization or program. Create a community animal welfare group or volunteer Brigade to help other local groups. We can send you information on starting a local program to help the animals at Furry Friends of the Foothills


​   Furry Friends of the Foothills

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